Transparenz und Vertrauen

Um das Vertrauensverhältnis zu unseren Patienten, Kunden, Partnern und der breiten Öffentlichkeit auszubauen, geht Ipsen in seinen Arbeitsgemeinschaften mit Gesundheitsfachkräften transparent vor und verpflichtet sich zur Einhaltung der in der Pharmabranche angewendeten Verhaltensregeln.


Disclosure of Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals and Organisations


Interactions between industries and healthcare professionals are a positive driver for the development of patient treatment and value of research advancements in patient care and progression of innovative medicines.

Industry and healthcare professionals collaborate in a range of activities from clinical research to sharing best clinical practice and exchanging information on how new medicines fit into the patient pathway.

The Society has increasingly high expectations especially on healthcare matters. Ipsen wants to make sure that we meet these expectations, and for this purpose we are keen to ensure this relationship is understood by patients, the media, other stakeholders, and more generally the public.

All interactions with European healthcare professionals are governed by EU Directive, the EFPIA (the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) Codes, as well as national codes, regulations and procedures. Ipsen agreed on the EFPIA Disclosure Code (June 2013), which requires the public disclosure of payments to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations starting 2016 (for payments made in 2015).

Below you will find Ipsen´s EFPIA Transparency report for 2015 for Switzerland, a note summarising the methodologies and a „dispute management form“.

Letzte Aktualisierung 18/06/2019